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DeFi project takes its first steps into the real world

TreeDefi is a growing DeFi project that has been active for over 5 months, focusing on tree planting activities through their protocol. As their project has grown further they’ve taken the opportunity to develop the idea by taking their first steps into the carbon credit market, a large field that has been ever growing in the past few years and looks to expand tremendously in the next decades.

When blockchain innovation and real world implementation meet each other, it’s good to have a support system that has the right know-how. That’s why TreeDefi is partnering up with an Alternative Investment Fund: Magneto Capital.

Magneto Capital is an Alternative Investment Fund with offices in Prague and New York that, as a multi asset management company, focuses on several financial areas, including cryptocurrency. Having a partner with a great foundation in the real world and lengthy experience on the blockchain is a great resource for TreeDefi.

Magneto will support TreeDeFi in raising capital, investments, financial operations as well as the whole necessary international consulting process to pave the way for planting activity and charitable action growth.

Planting Opportunities

Through their hard work, TreeDefi already has the technical experience to conduct much larger planting projects, not to mention the help of various partners across the world.

More specifically Brazil has revealed itself as a fantastic area of the world for an environmentally oriented project. Through planting partners such as AMZ (Amazonascoin), TreeDefi’s local partner in Brazil, the planting opportunities scale up massively, with a possible amount of 22,5 million trees planted across 45000 hectares of land.

This would include various tracking systems for the geolocalization of the trees, and other information about each individual tree that will be hosted on chain and off chain. You can find out more about this through TreeDefi’s NFTree Marketplace and their Whitepaper.

TreeDefi Dream Land

TreeDefi also has the dream and the aim to change the lives of many families, by helping them with resources earned from their work, the blockchain and from the trust of their investors. As the protocol has evolved from just being a charity token, they’ve always had the dream of building a real TreeDefi Land to promote and help with Family Agriculture and Subsistence Agriculture.

Having this in mind, together with Magneto Capital they prepared the TreeDefi Dream Land project that was presented last week for other interested investors.

Planting trees itself is an activity that is manageable, even in high quantities. Having massive numbers on a screen of planted trees is something amazing but there’s much more that can be done. Planting trees can be a way to help local communities, bring economic benefits for them and also provide a better life for families in poor regions of the countryside that will never have the power to buy their own land.

Plants like Açaí and Seringueira (Pará Rubber Tree) can be planted on the 9000 Hectare land TreeDefi can work with and become the house of 180 families (50 Hectares per family).

In one initiative, they could provide people with homes, work and a dignified life, while reforesting/protecting the area. TreeDefi will have direct workers there responsible for helping the families, bringing demands, providing footage and creating a real local community. Almost a private village of TreeDefi.

This could probably be one of the most transforming events made with the help of the blockchain and will bring eyes from the entire world. Not to mention that the costs of an initiative like this would be very manageable in Brazil. Together we can make it happen and change the lives of many humble families.

Carbon Credit Market

We assume that most readers have heard about carbon credits at least once in the past, which is a good indicator of the popularity of this asset. Talking about prices, the prices of carbon credits increased 115% in the last 12 months in Europe and the prediction of specialists is one of extreme growth during the following decade. The average prediction made by the UN for 2030 is 80$ per carbon credit, which is considered a conservative prediction since the market in general values them at 100$ by 2025.

More recently, news about the COP21 and the COP26 events started to pop out in the media everywhere in the world. The COP event is a session from the Agreement of Paris (explained on our Whitepaper) – the COP event is responsible for updating information, aggregating metrics and making new decisions for the future of our planet. The last time (COP21) took measures like the creation of carbon credits and also led to a new international climate agreement, applicable to all countries, aiming to keep global warming at 1.5°C – 2°C, in accordance with the recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

This year, the world is going to stop to watch the COP26 Event that will occur on the 1st of November. Researchers, investors, corporations and everyone on the market is expecting that the COP26 will be the biggest climate/environment event in the history of humanity and will change forever many things in our society. Moreover, COP26 will bring precise numbers from the Carbon Credit Market while providing a future forecast. The expectation is that the voluntary market of carbon credits by itself will move $100 billion dollars per year by 2035-2045.


Having all of this in mind, TreeDefi is getting ready to supply this huge demand that the market will bring, by working hard with the help of collaborators and investors.

This partnership may bring more interested companies on board in the near future, and it’s definitely interesting to see how it will play out. More details about the final partnership between Magneto Capital AIF and TreeDefi will be available publicly in September.


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