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Welcome to ETMarkets’ Investors Guide, a show about asset classes, market trends, and investment opportunities. This is Bhaskar Dutta

Market has been extremely choppy over the past few weeks. Hawkish commentaries from central banks, interest rate hikes, rising bond yields and selling from foreign investors have taken a toll. However, many also see it as a buying opportunity. Meanwhile, the March quarter earnings have also added to the volatility. Even as growth is there, margins have suffered due to rising inflation.

Besides, the recent surge in government bond yields also poses a risk to the smooth passage of the Centre’s huge borrowing programme this year and consequently, borrowing costs across the economy.

ETMarkets’ Shubham Raj caught up with Gautam Sinha Roy, SVP and Fund Manager, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, to understand how the market will react to all these headwinds. He also talked about investment opportunities, and what sectors one should avoid right now. Gupta also explained the underperformance of the banking sector and what may trigger a change.

Listen in!

Q. Markets have been extremely choppy. How do you make sense of the current market conditions?

Q. We saw the RBI rising rates in a surprise move. How do you interpret it – is it panic over falling behind the curve?

Q. Banking is one sector where everyone is bullish but it has still underperformed. What will be the trigger that will change the trend?

Q. What are three sectors where you are investing right now?

Q. How do you rate the March quarter earnings so far?

Thank you Shubham and Mr Roy for a very intriguing conversation. That’s all in this week’s special podcast. Do keep checking this space for more interesting content and take time out to follow our market podcasts twice every day. Stay safe and Happy Weekend!


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