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Hello, you have tuned into ETMarkets Investors’ Guide, a show about asset classes, investment ideas and market trends. I am Nikhil Agarwal.

After five weeks of continuous decline, domestic benchmark indices Sensex and Nifty showed no signs of any trend reversal. In fact, traders are using any upside to get rid of their positions amid weak global cues and mixed earnings data.

In today’s special podcast with independent market expert Rajiv Nagpal, we try to understand what is the best way out to survive and thrive in a declining market.

Listen in.

Welcome to the show Mr Nagpal.

1) As seen on Friday as well as on earlier occasions recently, any rise in Nifty is quickly followed by selling pressure. So is “sell on rise” the best way to make money now?

2) Given the relentless selling seen in bank stocks, do you think largecap private sector banks are a no-brainer investment now as far as valuations and growth outlook is concerned? Do you see more pain ahead?

3) What is the short term outlook on IT and pharma stocks given the depreciation of rupee?

Thank you Mr Nagpal. That’s all in today’s special podcast. But do keep checking this space for more such interesting content. Good bye!


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