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Price: ₹276.00 - ₹220.00
(as of Aug 26,2021 08:19:52 UTC – Details)

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Tough on Grease & Stains

Be it sticky food residue, heavily greased pots and pans or oil stains that are difficult to come off, Presto! Dishwash Tub removes stubborn stains with ease and leaves utensils squeaky clean. It cuts through grease and stubborn stains without scratching or damaging the surface of utensils and hence can be safely used to clean delicate cookware and glassware. It also dissolves easily in water and washes off completely without leaving behind any residue, even after drying.


Gentle on Hands

To ensure there is no irritation while scrubbing, this dishwash bar is designed to be gentle and safe on your hands. You can do your dishes conveniently without having to worry about rough hands.


Pleasant Fragrance

Food with strong smell like garlic, onion or fish tend to leave a lingering unpleasant odour, even after the utensils have been cleaned. With the power of lemons, Presto! Dishwash Bar eliminates foul odour while cleaning tough grease and stains; leaving a refreshing lemon fragrance in its wake.


Round Tub with Scrubber

The product comes in a round-shaped tub which prevents the dishwash bar from becoming soggy overtime and avoids wastage. The free scrubber provided with the tub aids in hassle-free cleaning.


Presto! – Cleanliness at your command

Presto! is an international brand from Amazon. We are all about living the clean. That’s why we have created a range of effortlessly effective premium household cleaning essentials all with the same purpose – to make messes magically disappear.

Check out our range of toilet cleaners, detergent powders and liquids, bathroom cleaners, spin mops, floor cleaners, glass cleaners, dish wash liquids and soaps.

We also have a range of kitchen tissues, toilet tissues and air fresheners which will make it magically easy to keep your home mess-free and fresh-smelling.

Removes malodor from dirty pots and pans
Leaves utensils sparkling clean without any white residue
Gentle and safe on hands
Effectively cleans delicate cookware without surface damage
Refreshing lemon fragrance for a pleasant cleaning experience
Comes with a free scrub pad

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